How does it all work?
You will enter the festival by agreeing to the terms and paying the entrance fee. You will receive a unique code and a log-in to the Kollaborate cloud server that holds all of the assets.
I have entered and gone to the cloud - what now?
Here all of the competition documents, footage, stills and music are stored. Download whatever you need and start creating your version of the film. Once completed you will upload the finished film to the upload server for judging.
When is my version of the film due to be eligible for judging?
All films are due by February 7th, 2016 at 11:50 PST to be eligible for judging whether you enter Early bird, Regular, Student or Late.
How long should my short film be?
Each short needs to be at least 3 minutes but no longer than 8 minutes in length.
This must include a title. Credits are optional. (see below)
Will my film be just like all the other films from all the other competitors since we are all using the same assets?
Great question! Each one of these projects are going to be unique because while everyone is starting with the same assets there is only one “You.” So bring “You” to this contest and let us see your vision.
Do I have to use the script?
Not entirely, but we encourage entrants to be creative with the script elements involved. All takes correspond to the script as written, however, you can feel free to change the order to fit your vision of the story.
Can I use my own music?
No, you must use the music that we have provided for you.
What about sound effects?
PremiumBeat has shared with us a select number of sound effects for use by entrants in the 1st Annual L.A. Post Fest competition. These sound effects are only to be used for this project and no other projects. Thank you for for respecting this rule.
Can I use some of my own footage?
No, you may only use the footage and the assets we’ve provided for you.
Do I have to use all the assets I’m being given?
No, but only provided assets are to be used. No outside material. Feel free to alter the assets at will.
Can I share or show this film to others?
Submissions can be shown in non-exclusive, non-commercial settings after the the festival in May 2016. We hope that this can be a calling card for your work as well as the opportunity for you to test, expand and learn new skills.
What happens if I enter this competition with a team or some friends?
We will list the winner under the entrant’s name but each person contributing will receive credit. The person who enters the competition will be awarded the prizes, to be shared and parceled out how the entrant sees fit.
Can students participate?
Absolutely! If you have a valid student ID, please email a copy of that to entry[at]lapostfest.org. Once it is received we will send you a unique code for you to use to enter the competition at a discounted rate.
What happens if I’m chosen as a finalist?
You will be notified and then will need to deliver an AAF and an XML or EDL as well as the completed log of assets used in your final edit.
How can I increase my chances of being chosen?
Follow the rules! Only use the assets provided. Tell the best story you can. Make thoughtful decisions as you put this work together. Creativity and vision count for a lot in this competition.
What format do I deliver this on?
You will upload the final entry as an H.264 at this link. Please be sure to keep your exact entrant number throughout this competition.
What paperwork do I need to deliver with my finished film?
An assets worksheet will be provided for you to detail which assets were used specific to your film. Because we are going to online the final projects you must keep a detailed log of all assets used with notes so we can master the final winning films. Uploaded films without the required assets log is considered an incomplete entry and will be disqualified.
Do I need to make credits and a title sequence?
All films must include a title. If a filmmaker also chooses to include credits, a partial production credit list is available on this website under resources. You will then have the opportunity to add your name and the names of your team members who are working with you. Remember,  you only have 8 minutes maximum for your whole film so titles and credits should be short so you can focus on telling your version of the story.
I love what you are doing and I want to be a part of the celebration in May even if I’m not a finalist.
Can I attend the festival?
Sure! As an entrant you will receive a discounted entry to attend the festival in Los Angeles, CA.  Tickets will also be available to purchase for the general public.