The Competition


Editors worldwide, with a broad range of post production skills, will be encouraged to create their own, unique version of the film. Teams are welcome to complete the films however, each entry will be attributed to a single entrant.


L.A. Post Fest is a unique editing competition, utilizing footage from a professionally shot 4K Hollywood short film, and digital assets provided by festival partners. Competitors are invited to create and finish the movie using their own unique artistic vision and technical skills including editing, color grading, visual effects, audio sweetening and sound effects editing.


Entrants will download the script, the various takes as well as assets such as music, video clips and effects, to create their own version of the film. Then they upload the completed film for judging. - The film is a science fiction based story, shot in 4K on a green screen stage with professional actors, allowing for maximum creativity.


From around the world, creative media artists and visionaries will be working on their own version of the movie. Once the final films are uploaded and judged, the top films will be screened and honored with awards and prizes at the festival in Los Angeles, CA in May 2016.